yallo Abo

yallo Abo

Sale of yallo subscriptions stopped on March 1, 2012

Existing customers will continue to benefit from the great yallosubscription rates in Switzerland and abroad in the future.

Calls from yallo to yallo cost 5 ct./minute and calls within Switzerland to all networks will be charged by 35 ct./minute.

Pricelist for national and international calls:

Basic monthly charge: CHF 25.-
International calls (List): ab CHF 0.10/min.
Calls to yallo mobile phone numbers and yalloBox: CHF 0.05/min.
Calls within Switzerland to fixed and mobile networks: CHF 0.35/min.
Outgoing SMS to Switzerland and elsewhere: CHF 0.10
Outgoing MMS to Switzerland and elsewhere: CHF 0.50
Data connections within Switzerland: CHF 0.10/20KB

Conditions and other prices
Timing of calls:

With us, your calls in Switzerland and to international numbers will be billed in 10-second increments. The billing of calls from yallo to yallo will be charged in 5-centime increments at the beginning of each minute.
In any event, you only pay for the services that you really use. No fixed costs or basic charges are applied.

Additional information:

The service surcharge for calls to 090x numbers is CHF 0.35 per minute.
Roaming fees are applied to calls originating abroad to Switzerland and other countries. Refer to the section “Making calls while abroad”.

Calls to 0800 numbers are free with yallo.

Making calls in other countries (roaming)

With yallo, it’ easy to make cheap mobile calls when you’e in other countries. For detailed information see the following price table:

Charges for making calls in other countries (roaming)