Macedonia 40

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Macedonia 40

Save money calling to Macedonia!

  • 40 Minutes to call to Macedonia (mobile and landlines)
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Renews automatically

CHF 10

You can activate this option by sending an SMS with “MAK40” to 255
Can I buy a Macedonia Option more than once?
Yes! You can buy a Macedonia Option as many times as you want, even before your renewal date.

Can I combine the Macedonia Options?
Yes! The renewal date will be adjusted to the last Macedonia option you activate.

How can I check how many minutes I have left?
Just send a free SMS with the text STATUS to 255 and you can see how many minutes you have left and when they expire.

How can I stop my Macedonia Option?
To stop Macedonia 100: Send a free SMS with the text MAK100 STOP to 255.

Terms and Conditions
The minimum subscription term for Macedonia 40 it is 7 days. Once the minimum subscription term has expired the option will be renewed automatically. If the included minutes are not used within the minimum subscription term, they become invalid. It is not possible to transfer them to the following subscription term. Customers retain the right to cancel the option at any time. In this case, the available minutes can still be used within the remaining subscription term.