yallo FLAT

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yallo Flat Prepaid

  • Unlimited calling within Switzerland
  • Unlimited calling to Europe
  • 1 GB Mobile internet at high speed

CHF 39/mth.

You can activate this option by sending an SMS with “FLAT” to 5511

Tipp: You can check the status of FLAT anytime by dialing *142# (free of charge)

“FLAT STOP” to 5511

yallo Flat
Unlimited calls to all Swiss networks as well as to Europe (Group “Europe 1“, fixed and mobile networks*). Includes 1 GB for mobile browsing in Switzerland. All additional usage will be charged at standard tariffs.Unlimited applies in the context of normal telephone calls. Permanent connections or redirects on short- and premium rate numbers are excluded.

Conditions yallo FLAT
The option is valid for 1 month, starting from activation date (e.g. from the 5th day of the month until the 4th of the following month). The option is automatically renewed after expiration of the minimum term. There is always the possibility to deactivate the option. In this case, the already activated option remains valid during the term of validity.

Questions about included data package

What happens, when I used up the 1GB data volume?

You will receive a free SMS notification before your inclusive data volume is used up. You then have the opportunity of activating one of the yallo surf options in order to continue browsing at low rates. If you do not want an additional data option, then the base tariffs for mobile surfing applies until your yallo Flat is automatically renewed.

Can I activate a data package in addition to the Flat?
Yes! If 1 GB is not enough, you can book one of the new XXL data packages. The subscription term is 30 days from activation date, completely independent from the duration of the yallo Flat.