Europe 50

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Europe 50

Half price for calls and SMS to Europe and within Switzerland

Prices with Europe 50:

  • yallo to yallo: 7.5 Rp./call
  • Calls within Switzerland: 17.5 Rp./Min.
  • International calls (“Europe 1“): 11 Rp./Min.
  • SMS within Switzerland: 10 Rp./SMS

CHF 10/month

You can activate this option by sending an SMS with “Europe 50” to 5511
The option is valid for 1 month, starting from activation date (e.g. from the 5th day of the month until the 4th of the following month). The option is automatically renewed after expiration of the minimum term. There is always the possibility to deactivate the option. In this case, the already activated option remains valid during the term of validity.