2G Swap


Sunrise will be taking outdated 2G technology offline at the end of 2018. From then on, 2G mobile phone customers will no longer be able to use mobile phone services. We recommend switching to the more state-of-the-art network technology right away.

Looks like you are using a 2G only (GSM) phone!

This means you daily have the following drawbacks:

1) 80% more call drops than 3G phone. Meaning your call is suddenly stopped and you will have to call again.
2) Voice quality is 20% worse with 2G. Meaning you don’t hear the other person clearly.
3) Call setup is slower with 2G. Meaning you have to wait longer until your call is connected.

It`s time for a change! Swap your old phone to a new one!

This is how it works:


Choose any one of the following upgrade options

ymk-846_emporia_de ymk-846_wiko_black_de ymk-846_gutschein_de

This is a limited Offer. Only while stocks last. To benefit from this special swap deal you must leave your old phone at the Sunrise store. The Sunrise store will then recycle the old handsets in an environmentally friendly manner.